While we appreciate the fine art of crafting an intricate liner look or the majesty of an artfully decorated mane, we also know that sometimes you just want to get out the door ASAP without looking like you woke up in a gutter somewhere. Why does looking put together have to require so much effort?

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to. With the right products and the proper knowledge, you can look like you carefully crafted your hair and makeup, except, you know, without actually having to do anything. We went to the beauty pros in the know to get 40(!) of the most genius beauty hacks that will have you primed, primped, and prettied up in as little time as humanly possible. Hit that snooze button because, girl, you got nothing but time now.

Read on to uncover these behind-the-scenes secrets, straight from the best and brightest minds in the beauty biz.

 “Use an eyeliner pencil smudged as shadow for a fast smoky eye,” says makeup artist Mai Quynh. “It’s one less step, to not apply any eyeshadow, which saves time,” she says. Quynh suggests using a non-waterproof eyeliner pencil. “Rim the inner eyes and then smudge with the side of the pencil so that it goes along top and bottom lashline.”

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