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Sure, the Met Gala is the place to be for some of the most inventive, dramatic fashions, but that doesn’t mean celebrities skimp when it comes time to sit in the makeup chair. Which is why we tapped two of NARS’ finest to get the details on Solange Knowles’ and Jessica Paré’s looks for the night.

Paré’s slightly retro updo was offset by simple liner and a pop of pink lipstick. “We both collaborated and had the same ideas — taking the idea of the bold lip and making it modern,” makeup artist Mai Quynh said. “This was the first time we have done a bright-pink lip for the red carpet, so it was different for her, but we both knew it was the right moment.” Quynh also noted that both she and Paré wanted the look to be totally glamorous. “The pop of color just felt right to accompany the black-and-white dress,” she said. And, if there’s anyone who knows (and always nails) red-carpet glamour, it’s Paré.

For the lip, Quynh drew on NARS Yu Satin Lip Pencil and then used a lip brush to add a bit of precision. “For me, to get the precise lip shape, it was important for me to use a lip brush — even though it’s easy to use that pencil,” she said. “If you mess up, I love using a concealer brush with concealer to go around the edges.” Since the lip is so bold, Quynh skipped eyeliner completely and instead focused on layering three of NARS’ Dual Intensity Eyeshadows to create a dynamic eye look.

And, to get Paré’s radiant glow? “She has amazing skin, so I try not to use heavy foundation,” Quynh said. “I like to use something sheer, and I definitely moisturize to hydrate so I know in pictures it will look dewy and glow-y.” Quynh also layers cream blushes under powders, a trick that can make even the most sallow faces look crazy-hydrated.

“Met Ball is fun because it’s fashion. You can be edgier and more creative with what they are wearing and how you do their hair and makeup,” she said. So, while Paré opted for her pink-lip debut for last night’s event, Solange Knowles went in another direction. Click through to read all about her look from last night.

Photo: Erik Pendzich/ RexUSA

For Knowles, the look started with her hair, which was a style we’d never seen on her before. “Solange chose a short, choppy bob, which is a new direction for her,” makeup artist Benjamin Puckey said. “So, we decided to focus on her eyes and add a little contouring with a pop of color to the cheek, since the hair allowed it to be all about her face.”

Puckey accentuated Knowles’ brows before honing in on the eyes. He swept on two yet-to-be-released Dual Intensity Eyeshadows in Subra (a bronze) and Himalia before layering on mascara to the top and bottom lashes. “I love that even though she has on a bold, smoky eye, the overall look is very fresh and glowing,” Puckey said.

Since her dress was the true centerpiece of the look (and for good reason — it was seriously striking), Puckey didn’t want to go too over the top with her makeup. “For the Met Ball, the focus is always on the outfit the celebrity is wearing,” he said. “The makeup should complement the outfit without being the first thing you see on the person.”

But, for Puckey, the opportunity to work with Knowles is always a thrill (to which we say duh). “Solange is always up to try a new look and is very experimental with fashion, which is always a dream for a makeup artist,” he said. “She never has a set style when it comes to makeup. She’s very open to try different looks.” And, while this is one of the more subdued looks we’ve ever seen on Knowles, we’ve got to say, the girl nails it. Are you a fan of her low-key drama, or do you prefer Paré’s in-your-face bold lip?